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How to Work with a Recruiter?

Recruiters are hired by the client companies to bring them candidates  that  most closely meet the qualifications of open positions. A professional recruiter will never ask you to pay a fee for services, nor will they share your resume with client companies without your permission. Please review these suggestions for a successful  partnership with your recruiter.

Return recruiters’ calls even if you are not in the market for a career change. This will give you the opportunity to establish a relationship with an industry expert who can be used to secure industry information, as well as a new opportunity when the time is right. Make sure you can articulate your perfect next career opportunity. Uncertainty about what you are looking for leads a recruiter to believe that you do not know what you want to do and will have difficulty evaluating opportunities.

Be honest with recruiters so that they bring you the right opportunities and use your time and their time wisely. Know where your resume is being sent by you and other recruiters so you avoice submitting  your resume to a company multiple times. This usually raises a red flag with the company and they may eliminate you as a potential candidate for the position.

If you are truly in a job search, please do not call your recruiter daily or weekly to “check in”. Recruiters will call you if they have an opportunity that is great for you.  Make sure your recruiter has every possible phone number to communicate with you. If you are interested in evaluating your current position and compensation and want to “test the waters”, please let your recruiter know this. We may be able to tell you your market worth without exploring other opportunities or speaking to companies that you do not intend to work for. If you do not plan to leave your current company, please do not have a recruiter schedule outside interviews for you.

If a recruiter calls you to help them with a search, please try to think of names that might be qualified for the position. We would not be asking you to encourage a co-worker to leave their job; we are merely trying to talk to as many people as possible to find someone that is interested in a new opportunity. Our success is dependent on speaking with lots of people who know others in the industry. This often leads to other names and ultimately someone makes a great career move.

When a recruiter calls you, please do not assume that they want you for a position. Often, when a recruiter calls, they do not know a lot about you or your background.  As a result, the first call is typically an opportunity to tell you about a great position and see if you know someone that is qualified. An added bonus would be that the recruiter gets to know you a little better.

Be realistic about your compensation expectations, career progression and the length of time involved in finding a new opportunity. We will be honest with you about your search in order to help set realistic expectations.

Be respectful of your time, your recruiter’s time and the company’s time. If you decide that you are not interested in an opportunity, for whatever reason, please inform us as soon as possible. “No” is a very acceptable answer, and is preferable to “maybe” if it means you are not committed to the opportunity or the process.


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